Working Papers

Under Review

  • “Understanding the Inconsistency of Risk Preference: experimental evidence and broader implications”
  • “Divide Our Dollars, Not Divide The Dollar: Redistribution, Fairness, and the Ultimatum Game” (with Ben Barber)


  • “Cheating When It Harms Others: Ethics, Incentives, and Effective Interventions.”
  • “The Challenge of Institutional Corruption and the Future of Liberal Democracy” for The American Interest.
  • “Trust Perceptions of Different Professions: Rationales, Correlates, and Remedies.”
  • “Do Dopamine Genes Predict Success on Wall Street? Don’t Bet on It.”

Book Projects

  • *Pure Inquiry or Pragmatic Insights: A Short History of the Social Sciences*
  • *Ethical Persuasion and Social Change: Understanding and Overcoming the Limits of Analytic Methods*
  • *Varieties of Corruption and the Architecture of Public Trust* (research project with Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics)

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